Like the great firebird, the Phoenix, Simple Grace Studio was born from the ashes. After 7 years of loyal work, I suffered a layoff from a prominent stationery and printing company. After the initial grieving period, it was up to me to take action and rise from the ashes bigger and better than ever before…

My love for art & color, began at a young age. Almost every gift was a coloring book, crayons, or one of those wooden art boxes. I spent my time reading, playing with dolls or coloring. It wasn’t long before I went from just coloring those pages to drawing mini replications of them. Thus, becoming a self-taught artist. I never took a formal art class until my junior year of high school.

Fast forward to my senior year of high school. It was during the college application process that I knew I wanted to pursue art in some way but didn’t want to be the “starving artist” so I thought I would take my artistic passion into the digital age with Graphic Design. It was then I decided to attend Northern Arizona University. I absolutely loved my time there but I think I learned the most while working as Creative Director for the student run newspaper, The Lumberjack. Managing a small staff, delegating tasks and performing press checks all the while gaining real-world experience.

After graduation, I was hired on at an up and coming online stationery company where I absolutely fell in love with stationery and photo books. It was here my passion for typography, photos and preserving memories grew into what it is today. It was here  I learned what stationery designs and other items sold best. I became an expert on wedding and general stationery grammar & etiquette. 

From there we circle back to where the story began, the closing of one door and the opening of another. It is Simple Grace Studio’s mission to take design, illustration, art & photography and use it to help you preserve memories and celebrate life’s many blessings one cherished memory at a time! 


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