Life is quite the rollercoaster isn’t it? The past couple months have been something new for all of us. I myself have battled anxiety, depression, and loneliness. I am grateful those moments were fleeting but I know they were necessary. I know this because without them, I would not know what truly matters. What truly matters are our families and our relationships. 

I truly believe that this is a turning point. It is a time for all of us to reflect. It doesn’t really matter what the latest basketball score is or what’s trending on social media. That’s what this time is trying to tell us. Over the last decade, technology and devices have taken over our lives. We spend more time looking at screens than looking and talking to each other.  Though I am extremely grateful for technology and for the ability to see and talk to my family from a distance, I believe it can be overdone. 

It is time to get back to family dinners at the table where we actually talk to each other. It’s time to step away from the screens and get some fresh air and sunshine. This is the perfect time to reconnect with those we love, and realize that maybe, just maybe what really matters has been in front of us the whole time.

Tragedy, tribulations, trials, they affect us all. None of us are immune. It is how we choose to deal with them that shows us who we truly are. We must choose to believe in better days ahead. We must choose to doubt our doubts before we doubt our faith. Let us celebrate all the wonderful things life still has to offer. Celebrate and treasure this time we get to spend with family and loved ones at home, for life is short. There is no better time than right now to treasure the memories that are being made. So I ask you to join me in Celebrating Life’s Blessings right now!


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